3 minute freewrite. go.

I am totally disappointed. I have to get up early and drop off checks I don't really like your blog or give a shit about the things you write about, I really just like the pictures I'm thinking about getting another job for like a month and working seven days a week until i burn out and can say "well at least i tried my hardest" because right now, I am not and my ends are not meeting. What the fuck does Chopper do upstairs all of the noises are so foreign and all of them make it seem as though everything in his room should be broken from thudding onto the floor who the fuck is this man and what is it doing to my brain. I am happy.


things i want to get into

Living Colour.
ZZ Top.
White Zombie (again).
"Detroit Rock"

I talked to Jena about running away today. I put my space in my apartment on the market today- just to see if there are any takers. Move in as early as February 1st!

I had no idea Dokken's lead singer's name was actually Dokken, first name Don.

On my way in, I noticed this FedEx delivery:

Just a normal package right?

WRONG. Apparently someone in my complex is James Bond.


we share our mother's health.

In the process of uploading pictures onto my computer, 14 of them were lost, along with one video of the guy with the ukulele at Lorimer singing to me. This made me kind of upset. I feel as though technology just stole memories from me, all while attempting to make my life easier.

This however does not upset me:

you see, everyone can hoop.

Also, who is this third child on Home Improvement? JTT or bust.