metal, brick and wood

Forgive my absence, readers, for I've been living off of the internet radar for a bit. I've been crafting and decorating like crazy and soon enough I'll be posting pictures of my newest creations and getting an online store set up (fingers crossed). I've had a lot of emotional challenges with my work lately, and I'll be setting on a new path in that area of my life soon enough, as well.

Last night was Thanksgiving. I spent it as I would any other day off... except that terrible feeling of loneliness crept up on me eventually, being that my family celebrated the holiday in Vermont. This year I was thankful for love: my ability to give, receive, and recognize it. Sometimes it looms around you for months, years, without ever being detected.

My blood family may been away, but I still got to spend time with people I love: Jessica my closest friend, confidant, and the BEST roommate ever and James the best partner in crime I could've ever asked for. This year is coming to a close and a finally feel like I'm ready to start an adventure worth writing about.

Anyway, enough with the sap, I just wanted to say hello. I miss... this.