thinking is such a chore, these days
right now,
at least
the most I can think of.

streaming through

help you hate the...
hate be helping.
why am i allii...?


hair in a jug is a striking image.

just wait for it.

originally a wall post

This is in response to someone's status on the FB

releasing my need to understand would make my life so much easier. i think i'm going to start by ceasing to expect answers from all of the things which i question.

there is a possibility that i shouldn't ask most of the questions that i do. however, there is a possibility that you should just have a better answer.

i must make an inspiration collection for work tomorrow. ha.


snippity snappity

I have bangs now.
The early 80s version of Whitney Houston would be proud of it's curliness.

Also, this is the first time since 5th grade that I have seen my natural hair color. It's almost entirely grown out. I am curious.


as per popular request.

I suppose I had not realized how long it had been since we last talked, dearest Harumphious. So much has changed, I'm secretly beginning to like my job. I'm also back to working 40 hours a week, so I can kind of afford to do things like buy myself treats.
This week I purchased:
- suede silver flats
- white low top cons
- 2 new flowy tops
- 1 pair of gold, Member's Only leggings
- 1 pair of shiny black plastic leggings.

I am determined to be really attractive all summer. Also, I gave myself a new hair cut today :) I kept the length so don't worry kids, I'm still letting it grow back, but I cut some layers into it and maybe I gave myself bangs.

Things I learned from the relationship I recently ended:
- I need attention. Not too much, but I need to at least know you're making an effort.
- I like breakfast.
- Getting up early in the morning is actually quite pleasant, if you get to bed at a decent time. One can accomplish so much more by extending their day by 4 or 5 hours.
- Getting to know someone is really difficult and nearly impossible if the two of you never leave the house. Seeing how people behave in social situations is really important.

Things I'm learning from this new situation:
- I enjoy being with an ambitious person.
- watching your favorite movies before bed every night might be the best thing ever.
- sometimes things are not always what you expect them to be.

i also just bumped into someone who pretended not to know my name. Too bad 'Billy' is such an easy one to remember.