Ready. Go. 

untitled. ink on paper 2012.

untitled. watercolor on canvas. 2012

"what i'm really thinking." ink on paper 2012

"a gift for yetti" ink, acrylic and embroidery floss on canvas, 2012.

"untitled" watercolor on canvas, 2012.

detail of "feminine virility," watercolor and ink on canvas, 2012

"wooden girl 1" watercolor, acrylic, polyurethane on wood, 2012.

"every day thoughts" ink on magazine paper 2013

"a lamp for Jackie" watercolor in glass with LED lights, 2012

"wooden girl 2" watercolor, acrylic, matte medium on wood, 2012

detail of "wooden girl 2"

shot "4 hours" and "Philly knife piece" 2013 and 2012, respectively.

The following images are all a part of a series entitled "Portraits of Women I've Never Met." They are all ink and watercolor pieces on paper, made in 2013.

all images are owned by atiya jones a.k.a whiptART. don't steal my shit.