comme ce, comme ca.

People keep asking me how I'm doing. It seems like it's coming up more often than usual lately. I'm doing lots of things! Feeling great. Feeling not so great. Paying bills, blowing some of them off. Going rafting. Weekending in towns I love with people I love and turning off my cellphone. I've been missing people. I've been wondering if I made the right decision(s). I've been running and standing still.

I've been enjoying myself.
That's how I've been.


Everyone complimented my flowers as I pranced home last night. I always turned around and replied "Oh why thank you! They're for my mother for Fathers Day!" I don't think she was expecting anything, but I just enjoy doing things for her when I can. I can't imagine what raising me must have been/is like but I'm sure I'm a bit of a stress inducing nightmare.