my skin is warm with sun and i don't know what to say to yo
u.    meditation. inside of my eyelids, it is green. not cold and
envious, but luscious and healthy.       i manage to sit     still
for 24 minutes of the expected 30.      while i'm gone i do not
think of you, but i think of not thinking of you. i'm seeing gre
en and i know where i am. my skin is warm with sun and my
shoulders sink. my neck softens. back on the rooftop, vertebr
ae realign to form a straight line. citrus eyelids and a burning
nose. i've noticed that singular note in the song, but never tho
ught of the man playing it.   moved to tears by his patience a
nd perfect timing.    not knowing where i am again i come ba
ck to the sheet. the warmth of the tar. i am home again. my s
kin is warm.     i can not say anything to you. i'm with the sun.