These aren't the clouds of a storm

Did I want to get into a swaying, melancholy mood, and therefore I put on Kimya Dawson, or did I put on KDawson and subsequently fall into this swaying-melancholy mood? A never ending cycle.

With Christmas less than 48 hours away, I would like to make a public statement:
I have already received the greatest Christmas presents ever- So don't try to get me anything.

I have, oh my god, gasppppp:
Friends that I really fucking LOVE.

When I walked off of the train after work today, I saw Scott, who was also returning from work. After a brief fist pump and a hug that caused me to fear for one of our lives (stand clear of the platform edge, guys)- we walked up the stairs together and that was it. I am so lucky to have a close friend, 3 blocks away. In Purchase distance, that's like G-street to the New!

It's the little things in life, such as this encounter, that I must think about and hope for, because these are the things that brighten my dullest days.

Or the way that being miles and miles away makes me talk to Alaina every chance I get because I miss her too much, and I think that if I go too long without talking to her I might lose touch with all things important in unpopular-pop culture. And most importantly, I will never know how Family Pet is doing.

Or that time that I came home to custom hula hoops that Jess had made for us because friends have fun together and it wouldn't have been as much fun without me. Or that time she supported all of my livelihood because she wanted to do things and be happy with her, and I am poor.

When Mandy texted me from Arkansas yesterday, she informed me of the 27 Sonics she had already passed on her journey out west. When I told her that she had my permission to get down on Sonic without me, and she refused, I knew that we too were on the same page. (She was also about to go swimming in some hot springs. Bitch.)

I'm sure that I'm redundant about my adoration for the people I surround myself with- but it keeps hitting me over and over again. The other night I stayed up talking to Eva for a long time and though hers was not, my voice was in quiet mode. I miss those kinds of chats.

(and star wars and oreos and punk rock on low volumes)

(and drives, long walks, and secrets that became shared)

I've been sleeping a little better again. I'll be transferred to the store on 5th Ave. full-time beginning January 4th. I usually look forward to going to work there...

I actually think that this new year will be full of really wonderful things. But before it ends- I have to figure out where to ring-in 2009.

Family vs. Friends Round 22
(how much am I trying to party?)

Anyhoot. Merry Christmas everyone. I will return with lots of pictures of my family, so that you can all meet on the interweb and you can stop asking me what everyone looks like. The END.


nothing like shweaty balls.

While amidst yet another breakdown, my mother used her natural instincts (maternal, not that of the shampoo persuasion) and gave me a call. She asked if I wanted her to take me grocery shopping. I reluctantly obliged, as I drew the shades above my head to cry a little more. I called her back and told her that I didn't have it in me to move off of the couch- Unlike the way that it works with other people, mothers do not let your depression keep you at bay. I was on my way to my sister's house within 20 minutes.

I arrived with a rather lackluster entrance, but for once my nephew didn't get all weird upon seeing me. You see, he usually runs into another room and says "nooooo" in a really low quiet voice. He used to do it to my sister Brandi if she wore dark eyeliner and now he does it to me- Anyway, I quietly answered those generic family questions inquiring about my life until my mom walked over to where I was on the couch and gave me a hug. I can't say that I can remember the last time I just sat and cried on my mother's shoulder. I didn't have to say anything. Every once in while, I would open my eyes just a tad to keep reading the NFL stats page which had engaged my interests before the sobfest. It helped me keep the little bit of composure that I had left. (This way I was able to avoid that gaspy-sob that accompanies the sporadic motions of your diaphragm comes after all the tears.)

Well eventually we went food shopping, another thing I haven't done with my mom in way too long. Here's what I got:

- 2 packages of ground turkey (this being the 2nd time I've purchased meat since I've moved into this apartment)
- Bolthouse Strawberry Banana smoothie
- Veggie Burgers
- Bread
- 2 boxes of Raisin Bran
- Baby Spinach
- Peppermint Tea
- Milk
- Pasta Sauces
- Rice
- Ginger Ale
- Grape Juice
- Frozen Veggies
- Pelligrino!

All for $56!!!

I haven't gotten so much stuff for $60 bucks ever. But I also think that the last time I went legit grocery shopping I was at Purchase and also buying a million types of beer and mixers. Funny how things change when you're flat broke and an adult.

On another note, I work with a little lassie named Jena. Jena and I are going through similar troubles in the man dept. and have decided that we should start an arts & crafts club. Well I decided that to start the club she's just joining... which means she should pay a membership fee and that's how we'll pay for things!! That was Jenius Jones at work. You just watched it happen.

Well now that my rollercoaster is at a high point- I'm going to start my journey to the underbelly of society: internet t.v. and sleeping.



adventure thyme.

If her shoes weren't so fly, Jenny might've looked homeless in this one.

I took this because I swore I saw a face in this pile of clothing. Now I know that I was just drunk and crazed.

Babygurl owns the illest shit ever.

Broken bones = Always B.A.

Jenny stopped to buy oreo cake before we went to Max Fish. Upset that she had to pay full price, when she normally gets a sweet deal, she moved on to find that the slice was infact stale.

Alaina flipped a shit when she spotted this in the juke box. I failed to notice what songs were even included on this compilation.

He's everywhere.

Someone made a fake Keith Harring drawing. I immediately put that in my purse.

When I dazed out on the F train, and landed myself at 34th street, I began to take pictures of the homeless people that I was surrounded by. I must say, I was rather outnumbered.


2:21 a.m.

I wish that my brain was a bit more non-functional at this hour sometimes. I came home this evening to martini glasses and sex and the city-esque conversations. Don't get me wrong, I am not supporting this behavior by any means; when you spend your night like this, the next thing you know you're at Buddakan for $13 cocktails on a girls night out. Somewhere after the second homemade Cosmo, Chopper asked which one of us was Samantha and right after Jess nominated me as the candidate we ordered Chinese food and I wondered where life was going. To my defense, she chalked the Samantha-comparison up to me being an asshole... not a slut.

I'm going to borrow some words from my sketch book:

The platform wreaks with the scents of upcoming joyful holiday celebrations. Between the woman carrying poinsettias hoisted high upon her right shoulder, and the two roommates carrying what I assume is their first Christmas tree back to their Bed-Stuy apartment- I simply cannot deny that the holiday season is here.

Something is indeed brewing...

(hmm. Now that I've re-read the rest of that, I realize that this is where I have to end the transcription.)

Whilst consuming Cosmopolitans, Jess and I also discussed a little something called a deep fried avocado stuffed with chicken. That's right- you read that correctly. To obtain one of these, we may have to actually go to Texas / Arizona / New or Old Mexico or purchase a deep fryer.

But that might lead to deep fried banana covered twinkies and massive weight gain. Thankfully my brother tells me that I'm filling out and this acts as the self-control that I don't naturally possess.


1:29 post birthday update.

Turns out, I like sleeping. So much so, that I took a nap from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. I watched a few episodes of Freaks and Geeks during the interim, as I waited to see if Scott was going to call about dinner. Of course like the champion of a friend he is, he called right after he was released from work.

We went to Maggie Browns and had some of their crazy cocktails with dinner. Determined to see the inside of Rope and dollar PBR night before my day was through, stopped there before our trip to the movie. Sean, the wonderful bartender there, greeted me with a happy birthday AND remembered my name.

Excuse me, I just saw the most absurd commercial. Burger King has gone to a remote, east-Asian country, where they "don't even have a word for burger" - to do a taste test on "Whopper Virgins." You can learn who the winner is (which I'm going to guess is the Whopper) at Whopper Virgins.

Back to the birthday. We had a few at Rope, then went to see BOLT in 3D, which was awesome! But I think that anything in 3D is awesome. After the movie we went back to Rope, where Sean wouldn't let me drink another PBR because it was my birthday. Instead I ordered a Grateful Dead, one of the drinks that made Jess and me permanent fixtures in his mind (hers was the electric lemonade). It tasted a lot better than I remembered but was just as awful as ever (:

Yesterday was weird because I spent so many of my birthday hours flying solo, BUT it turned out fantastic.

And then, I'm unsure as to why, I slept on Choppers floor. And that's how my birthday ended.


8:38 a.m. birthday update.

So this day has come and now I'm twenty two. In twelve hours from now, 22 years ago, I was born. Here is what I've done with my day so far:

- Just as the big 12:00 was creeping up upon me, I was cruising out of a Taco Bell with Jenn San Juan and Mandy in Newburgh.
- At some point I realized I missed the last train out of town.
- At midnight, I was still munching on T-Bell.
- At 4:30 a.m. train into the city from Newburgh.

Mandy thought that I would be able to see the sun rise over the river on my journey in- but alas, the city was still cloaked in darkness when my train pulled into to Grand Central. At this point, I refused to be in the subway, or worse yet- in bed when the sun decided to finally show up. I wandered my way down to Brooklyn Bridge park and after an hour, I realized that from my vantage point one can watch the sun set most beautifully, but the rising should be viewed from the bridge that I was standing beneath.

It was quite alright. I continued my slow paced journey and sang song lyrics louder than a person should in public.

But I didn't care. It was 7 a.m. and it's my birthday. And now I'm home and the Britney Spears special is on. Perfect.

Oh and I'm about eat some baked mac and cheese for breakfast.