These aren't the clouds of a storm

Did I want to get into a swaying, melancholy mood, and therefore I put on Kimya Dawson, or did I put on KDawson and subsequently fall into this swaying-melancholy mood? A never ending cycle.

With Christmas less than 48 hours away, I would like to make a public statement:
I have already received the greatest Christmas presents ever- So don't try to get me anything.

I have, oh my god, gasppppp:
Friends that I really fucking LOVE.

When I walked off of the train after work today, I saw Scott, who was also returning from work. After a brief fist pump and a hug that caused me to fear for one of our lives (stand clear of the platform edge, guys)- we walked up the stairs together and that was it. I am so lucky to have a close friend, 3 blocks away. In Purchase distance, that's like G-street to the New!

It's the little things in life, such as this encounter, that I must think about and hope for, because these are the things that brighten my dullest days.

Or the way that being miles and miles away makes me talk to Alaina every chance I get because I miss her too much, and I think that if I go too long without talking to her I might lose touch with all things important in unpopular-pop culture. And most importantly, I will never know how Family Pet is doing.

Or that time that I came home to custom hula hoops that Jess had made for us because friends have fun together and it wouldn't have been as much fun without me. Or that time she supported all of my livelihood because she wanted to do things and be happy with her, and I am poor.

When Mandy texted me from Arkansas yesterday, she informed me of the 27 Sonics she had already passed on her journey out west. When I told her that she had my permission to get down on Sonic without me, and she refused, I knew that we too were on the same page. (She was also about to go swimming in some hot springs. Bitch.)

I'm sure that I'm redundant about my adoration for the people I surround myself with- but it keeps hitting me over and over again. The other night I stayed up talking to Eva for a long time and though hers was not, my voice was in quiet mode. I miss those kinds of chats.

(and star wars and oreos and punk rock on low volumes)

(and drives, long walks, and secrets that became shared)

I've been sleeping a little better again. I'll be transferred to the store on 5th Ave. full-time beginning January 4th. I usually look forward to going to work there...

I actually think that this new year will be full of really wonderful things. But before it ends- I have to figure out where to ring-in 2009.

Family vs. Friends Round 22
(how much am I trying to party?)

Anyhoot. Merry Christmas everyone. I will return with lots of pictures of my family, so that you can all meet on the interweb and you can stop asking me what everyone looks like. The END.


  1. um on the contrary, G street to the New = 10 miles through a windtunnel and also phantoms

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7d6Ag1vNqlc