nothing like shweaty balls.

While amidst yet another breakdown, my mother used her natural instincts (maternal, not that of the shampoo persuasion) and gave me a call. She asked if I wanted her to take me grocery shopping. I reluctantly obliged, as I drew the shades above my head to cry a little more. I called her back and told her that I didn't have it in me to move off of the couch- Unlike the way that it works with other people, mothers do not let your depression keep you at bay. I was on my way to my sister's house within 20 minutes.

I arrived with a rather lackluster entrance, but for once my nephew didn't get all weird upon seeing me. You see, he usually runs into another room and says "nooooo" in a really low quiet voice. He used to do it to my sister Brandi if she wore dark eyeliner and now he does it to me- Anyway, I quietly answered those generic family questions inquiring about my life until my mom walked over to where I was on the couch and gave me a hug. I can't say that I can remember the last time I just sat and cried on my mother's shoulder. I didn't have to say anything. Every once in while, I would open my eyes just a tad to keep reading the NFL stats page which had engaged my interests before the sobfest. It helped me keep the little bit of composure that I had left. (This way I was able to avoid that gaspy-sob that accompanies the sporadic motions of your diaphragm comes after all the tears.)

Well eventually we went food shopping, another thing I haven't done with my mom in way too long. Here's what I got:

- 2 packages of ground turkey (this being the 2nd time I've purchased meat since I've moved into this apartment)
- Bolthouse Strawberry Banana smoothie
- Veggie Burgers
- Bread
- 2 boxes of Raisin Bran
- Baby Spinach
- Peppermint Tea
- Milk
- Pasta Sauces
- Rice
- Ginger Ale
- Grape Juice
- Frozen Veggies
- Pelligrino!

All for $56!!!

I haven't gotten so much stuff for $60 bucks ever. But I also think that the last time I went legit grocery shopping I was at Purchase and also buying a million types of beer and mixers. Funny how things change when you're flat broke and an adult.

On another note, I work with a little lassie named Jena. Jena and I are going through similar troubles in the man dept. and have decided that we should start an arts & crafts club. Well I decided that to start the club she's just joining... which means she should pay a membership fee and that's how we'll pay for things!! That was Jenius Jones at work. You just watched it happen.

Well now that my rollercoaster is at a high point- I'm going to start my journey to the underbelly of society: internet t.v. and sleeping.


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