adventure thyme.

If her shoes weren't so fly, Jenny might've looked homeless in this one.

I took this because I swore I saw a face in this pile of clothing. Now I know that I was just drunk and crazed.

Babygurl owns the illest shit ever.

Broken bones = Always B.A.

Jenny stopped to buy oreo cake before we went to Max Fish. Upset that she had to pay full price, when she normally gets a sweet deal, she moved on to find that the slice was infact stale.

Alaina flipped a shit when she spotted this in the juke box. I failed to notice what songs were even included on this compilation.

He's everywhere.

Someone made a fake Keith Harring drawing. I immediately put that in my purse.

When I dazed out on the F train, and landed myself at 34th street, I began to take pictures of the homeless people that I was surrounded by. I must say, I was rather outnumbered.


  1. The F train is always where the homeless gather. Why is that!

  2. we should all make clinton administration mixes

  3. p.s. neckbrace should have striked again!

    j.k. no s/he shoudln't have