1:29 post birthday update.

Turns out, I like sleeping. So much so, that I took a nap from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. I watched a few episodes of Freaks and Geeks during the interim, as I waited to see if Scott was going to call about dinner. Of course like the champion of a friend he is, he called right after he was released from work.

We went to Maggie Browns and had some of their crazy cocktails with dinner. Determined to see the inside of Rope and dollar PBR night before my day was through, stopped there before our trip to the movie. Sean, the wonderful bartender there, greeted me with a happy birthday AND remembered my name.

Excuse me, I just saw the most absurd commercial. Burger King has gone to a remote, east-Asian country, where they "don't even have a word for burger" - to do a taste test on "Whopper Virgins." You can learn who the winner is (which I'm going to guess is the Whopper) at Whopper Virgins.

Back to the birthday. We had a few at Rope, then went to see BOLT in 3D, which was awesome! But I think that anything in 3D is awesome. After the movie we went back to Rope, where Sean wouldn't let me drink another PBR because it was my birthday. Instead I ordered a Grateful Dead, one of the drinks that made Jess and me permanent fixtures in his mind (hers was the electric lemonade). It tasted a lot better than I remembered but was just as awful as ever (:

Yesterday was weird because I spent so many of my birthday hours flying solo, BUT it turned out fantastic.

And then, I'm unsure as to why, I slept on Choppers floor. And that's how my birthday ended.

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