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I had something lined up for you guys, but i didn't finish it.. but to stay in the theme of cover letters- here's one I wrote for a high-end salon in B. Hills.

My name is Atiya Jones and I am highly interested in working with your staff at the Aveda salon in Beverly Hills. I’ve recently moved to West Hollywood from New York City and I am looking for an opportunity to work in a fast paced environment, with creative people- where I can watch magic happen first hand (as we all know LA was born this pretty). My most recent assistant position was with a team of creative consultants at Virtue Worldwide. In addition to my daily tasks of researching clients, administrating a private website project, and transcribing, I was also responsible for managing my supervisor’s schedules (meetings, flights, etc) and in constant direct-communication with our clients. I am very organized, and love keeping track of everyone and thing around me. I have also been a member of the reservation staff at Buddakan NY, one of New York’s most popular restaurants. My employment history includes retail management, serving, hosting, reservations, assistant work, as well as product development; I consider myself a true Jack of Trades. On my watch, no appointment shall be overlooked and no clients greeting without the utmost respect and excitement.

Though I do not have 2 years of salon specific experience, I ask that you consider me as an applicant, as I did not see a single task on your post's-list that I am not capable of. I have attached my resume, highlighting my most recent work history, which also includes my contact information. I greatly look forward to speaking with you about this opportunity.

Thank you for your time.


Atiya Jones

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