this is the boulevard.

I decided to make a huge adventure effort to visit a friend in Atwater Village, last night, around 9 P.M. I'd ridden in a car through the town once, and felt rather confident in getting to the general area.

Fairly easy trip. Take the 4 Bus to Sunset Blvd and Park Ave. Take 2nd bus from Glendale Ave and Reservoir Street.


When I exit the bus at what I think is Park Ave., I soon learn that the bus has let me off at ECHO Park Ave. This is a little further west than I want to be. I wander along the edge of the pond (??) that is in the middle of Echo Park and encounter cat calls for the first time since arriving in LA. I soon find the 92 bus that I am suppose to board. Upon entering the bus, I try avoid fearing the vato-loco vibe I am getting from the shaved-head Mexicans staring back at me.

Did I just sit in a seat moist from pee?

I walk to the driver to ask about where the next stop in the opposite direction is, fore I have realized that I am going downtown, when I should be heading east. Aware of the area, the driver alerts me that I should get off two stops down, where it is a slightly more well lit.

Shit. There's my opposite-direction ride now. A honk leads to nothing. I cross to the street and wait.

I risk, at the stop along the side of the highway being robbed, or worse. If you own a vagina, you know what I'm getting at. I realize that waiting for an hour in this spot will be just as bad as getting into a car with a stranger. Thankfully a cab comes along. I explain to him that I don't have any money, but am I simply trying to get somewhere slightly less desolate. He drives me to Glendale and Berkeley.

None of this makes sense to you. I know. But it was the equivalent of walking to the J at Gates at 3 a.m. for the first time. Alone. It's just something you'd rather not do.

I give in, I ask for help (again). My friend arrives to usher me to safety in Atwater Village. I realize how much work this city is going to take. I still feel prepared.

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