it means "Famous Warrior" in a latinoculture.

the new header is a collage of my room. i'm going to make more of them. also, someone make it center please, or at least justify left? i've grown apart from html. below is some character development for a lassie named Xiomara.


Lying in the sun, she briefly, remembered a bit of a childhood. Maybe her own, or possibly a scene she’d only witnessed, or one that she’d fathomed… Time had blurred the line between the three. The smallest child in the family was failing to keep up with everyone, as they made their ascent to the shoreline. Her mother, in these moments was just as beautiful as the sunset itself. The woman stopped to look back at her daughter. Xiomara saw her hair gently blow across her face and noticed that it could not hide her smiling visage. She was off in the distance, by just a few paces, and she held her hand in the air. Xio jumped to meet her mother’s air high-five, attempted to catch up, but sank into the softness of the sand beneath her feet.

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