*edit* to spilling the beans

My previous post was not meant to come off as Anti-Puerto Rican at all. I was alerted to the imbalance of the entry via a message on facebook:
hey atiya. this is totally random. but i saw your status about puerto ricans so i just had to read your blog. I think you did a really good job at mentioning the stereotypes about mexican men but i didnt feel the love for puerto rican women. i know that what you saw in new york was ridiculous but believe me were not all like that!
also good luck in tinseltown.

I was using the anecdote about my views of Puerto Rican girls and my youth, as a comparison to those I had of Mexican men, in my young-adulthood. In both situations, I have placed a certain blind-judgment on these two groups; my information being based on hearsay via my family and immediate surroundings for one, and then the media for the other. I do not believe that Puerto Ricans are receiving fair representation in the States- When they did, it was for 15 minutes in 1999 and I think it looked like this.

Yesterday's encounters were another wake up call for me. I realize how apathetic I've been about seeking knowledge about various cultures (except for the food, I'm very active in the realm of diverse food exposure). It was a very long version of a very rhetorical question: Why do I feel like we've leveled off in the progression of educated ethnic representations in popular culture? How far from a minstrel show have we really come?

Watching television and trying to relate to the people I see on it, reminds me of shopping for concealer in middle school: There were copious shades of white, 3 shades
of brown and none of them matched me.

That's all.


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  1. Hey... I don't know where to begin. I kinda get your point but I think maybe since negative stereo-types seem to be blatantly loud at times, Nuyoricans like me blend a little in the background and arent as noticeable. I don't know. I don't know much about my culture to stick up for it, all I can say is that my grandmother and her 8 children came to New York for a "better Life" almost 40 years ago. Being a Puerto Rican that doesn't speak a lick of spanish, I think I am just as much a mystery to myself as Puerto Ricans in general are to you. All in All, nurture Vs nature a lot of us are different from each other, I relate a lot more to the neighborhood I was raised on the Lower East Side Manhattan than the Island that has given me my physical features. I am sure you can relate to that, and that makes us have something in common.. not too mysterious right?