freewrite #4

night-time. let's lie for a moment, under the porch lights.
inflamed irises, cornfields, you see:
"everything from where we stand,
to the cliffs over yonder, will be yours"
Did you hear? Did you hear?
The arthritic bones of kings past are cracking
whips and loading their guns! Running to reclaim!
What is theirs? What is there?

I heard the weasels come first. Sneaky bastards.
A warning unheeded, instead i asked you to rest with me for a moment.
You seemed so weary; i wanted the calls of crickets
to guide me to visions of cities in flames
Through the yellowing glow of the porch lamps
Everything is burning.

The snakes finally came to carry us under
i never did claim that territory
fore it was never mine. it was that moment
that belonged to me. the brittle bones
barged through like breached births-
Proclaiming Wars on surrendered soldiers
it must be turned around.

they can have it back- leave me here
with the glow, the warmth, the insects...
swallowed by the embers.


  1. Sweet blog =P found you on a comment you left on imboycrazy.com.

  2. It's been a week, time to update