freewrite #5

spilling water over the edges of crates
seeped through the slots and i don't regret it
it fell my from grip, as it was made to
can't hold your graces for too long,
fore we'll all fall from that soon enough too.

things may appear closer than they actually are.
a warning to be heeded. you can't touch those stars.
you hate it when i do this, when i go off on these tangents.
but i can't help but tell the truth at all costs
he left me to be raised a liar. a failure from all sides.

who is that strapping young lad strapping her down?
he must've brought those shackles in with him
haven't sold those in years. i can't stop him.
this sounds like a metronome or a heartbeat
synonyms to those i admire.

sleep with me. i want to know what you think
through your dreams i'll know your thoughts of me.
was it strange? full of fantasies?
i better make this quick.

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