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Here we go fingers it's your turn.

I desperately want to go to the Great Lawn at Purchase in July, and climb that tree with the ditch around it again. I want to lay in and not think, but think too much. When I was little, my mother never let me wear red nail polish. She said it was for grown women. This weekend, I bought myself a bottle. My hands are those of a woman. I suppose.

I'm on this wave of elated emotions. But I'm due for a good cry. I think we're all overdue for a good cry every once in a while. I'm going home tonight to have mine. Or maybe not. Maybe I'm going home to be solemn. All I can think about is a night sky, a field and me in it. The kids are talking about having a fire tonight; I want to see it and nothing else.

my daddy raised me a runner, 'cause he didn't raise me at all.

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