no mother ever dreams

This morning/afternoon, in my dream, it was Black Friday. I had thousands of dollars on me- at some point I was hiding it in my shoes. I walked out of a store and wrote with a teal green sharpie on the concrete, "There is more than recognition in a name." I don't know what my subconscious meant by it, but I like it. I was loaded. I liked that too.

2 P.M. seems to be my new wake up call. I sleep until I'm done. I sleep when I want to. There's a part of me that knows this stems back to childhood having my sleep regulated by someone else (mom/school). The other part of this comes from recklessness and seeing the sunrise 4 out of 7 nights in a week. But I figure I should live while I'm young- some day I will HAVE to sleep because no amount of caffeine will keep me standing and no amount of party juice will make me want to attend.

This summer has been excellence, but I'm ready for a little cool down. In temperature. In social climate. I love my new place, but I think I could've loved any new place. I come home and close my door. I constantly want to make things; it's pretty great. I leave my clothes on the floor. I hang my bras on the wall. I wake up and pay bills.

But I feel really free.

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