pictures of girls i took for

I witnessed the most incredible rain I've seen...

breathing into your shoulder
as you slept
i felt lucky to know your bones
well enough
to rest mine, weary, with them.

there was a moment, you took
to tell me
the words, now faint, are escaping me
but yes! me too!
agreeably, i always think so too.



in 15 years
when we meet again,
i'll have found a chisel
promise me your hammer?

I usually don't leave work until I feel like everything is done. I don't know what made me stop by this table- they weren't mine. But once the tall, slender one added pepper, tobasco, and worchester sauce to her Corona, I took a seat and chatted for a while. I had her make me one. When I left the table, the flavors stung my lips and it made me think of her after each sip.

"I think 28 year-olds are the COMPLETELY compatible with 24 year-olds. It's perfect!"

I stopped to agree, told them of my age-ratio theory, and bought them a round of tequila shots. We prayed together on the second toast and talked of dry spells. Strangers. I entertained a group of girlfriends celebrating a birthday at a table close by. There was an energy about the room. We were all toasting and toasted, as we danced. I assisted the spiced Corona ladies in getting excitedly drunk and left work early. I didn't care as to whether or not anything was done.

It felt good to go.

My room smells of the cigar bar we went to. And leaving work without having landed in the bar down the street was beginning to feel impossible. Strangers- don't seem to stay that way long. Tonight was refreshing; something is coming to an end and I can't wait.

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