like me, my purse is full of shit

The bag is a Bonnie Cashin piece from the very early 60's before she launched Coach's women's accessories line, in 1962. It hung in my mother's closet unused until I reached high school.
It's leather granules from the bottom sank into my fingernails as I dug for my keys on the way to my door. It's now 30ยบ F out and all I want was to find them before my doorstep, but naturally they're under a mountain of my garbage. The scenario made me think of doing surprise bag dumps when I worked at Anthropologie and how I was the worst person to do it to. Had one happened today, here's what would've been found:

- This week's Star magazine. (p.s. I do not believe that B. Spears is getting beat not one bit).
- My make up bag and some lotion.
- 2 miniature bottles of Moet that a friend bought for my birthday.
- Journal
- Wallet
- Handkerchief
- 3 Pens
- 4 Packets of this AMAZING instant honey ginger tea.
- 6 bracelets
- A belt
- A ring
- Headphones
- A paycheck
- Wine opener

oh and an Iphone car charger because even though I don't drive, you just don't know when your phone is going to die in the middle of an impromptu roadtrip to Maryland.

I'm really big on "just in case" accessory packing.

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  1. impressive that you managed to fit all of that into your bag. mine is super boring and filled with things a grandma would have (pill box, band aids, 1 hard candy) and I only have 1 pen. what if it runs out?! what then?!