if i could i would

When I stand in the mirror and twirl my wet strands of hair into ringlets, I can’t help but think of you. Even when my sense of humor comes across as bizarre, I know that it’s just you. I see little girls fall, scrape their knees, and I think of you when I tell them that they’ll be all right, to stop crying and get up again. You taught me that. I can’t thank you enough. There isn’t enough biology to explain the way that you made me, really. I can’t really bring myself to celebrate Mother’s day because every moment of my life I appreciate you.
I think about you when I put on blush- I see myself playing with your make-up brushes and you telling me how nice it feels.
I tweeze my eyebrows and I see Jade, 16 sitting in the kitchen and you telling her that it doesn’t hurt… that you have to go against the growth of the strands.
I try on boots and I wish that my feet were just a little smaller- to have the intricate lace-ups you had when I was little (black school-teacher boots, I considered them to be).
Though he may stand 6’ 1” I like to think I got my long legs from you. Even at your height, you stand so tall.
I could go on.
I get it from you.
I don’t really have the guts to acknowledge Mother’s Day just once because I need to spread it out.
My love for you is overwhelming.

Happy Belated Mother’s Day.

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