so many reasons I can't get a job.

As I've done in the past, I've decided to post another cover letter. I actually am thinking about writing them just for fun, and for your eyes. This one was for VICE. I thought I was going to lose it last week and subsequently quit my job so I started a hunt. Unfortunately my flowery tactics sometimes override my sense of professionalism... but I can't/won't change that (unless there's a lot of money involved).

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is ___________ and I’m writing in regards to your open position for Office Assistant / Receptionist. I haven’t set foot in the VICE offices since the spring of 2008 when my college internship with Virtue Worldwide came to a close. I worked under Hosi S_______, Ciel H_______ and T_______ M_______ as a project assistant. During this time I gained experience in project development, brand research, building and dissecting press-kits, in addition to the odd jobs required of my position. At the time we were working with EDUN Live, RockBand, and MTV (to name a few). I was learning so much, meeting so many people, accomplishing team goals… And then it all stopped.

After my internship ended, I graduated college, moved to Clinton Hill and got a few jobs in retail and restaurants. I tried my luck in Los Angeles (and came right back). I’m currently working at Madiba Restaurant in Fort Greene, which seats a maximum of just over 150. Being personable, organized, meticulous, and level headed is how I make money five nights a week. I spent countless Virtue-intern hours printing shipping labels. The pleasure I get from keeping other people’s lives in order might baffle Freud. I take pride in everything I do, from photocopying to photography. I’m qualified to be your Office Assistant, but most importantly, I miss the energy and attitude of VICE.

I’m trying to keep this cover letter from delving into the realm of a romantic penning, but that’s kind of how I see my work-life: as a committed relationship. I know it’s been a while, but can we have some coffee and catch up?

Attached you’ll find a copy of my resume, which also includes my contact information. My current income is approximately $xxxxx a year, and I am interested in starting with-in the upcoming months.

Thank you for your time-

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