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I finally took a leap and went to Ikea today. I had a 4 item list and was determined to stick to it. Unfortunately, when you venture to the ol' yeller 'n blue with friends whom are ill-prepared to waltz into the mecca, you tend to stray. I went for fabric to construct curtains, curtain rods, a vase and a drawer unit.

I left with a fabric in a print not of my intentional purchase, a hacksaw (which broke upon first stroke), S-hooks (i needed them for months), new sheets, shams (in more ways than one) pinking sheers and curtain rods that are tremendously too large. I have to go back tomorrow... or buy a new hacksaw at the HD and just forget about the $8. But all of this shopping made me realize how much I love the fact that I'm building a home-space. I finished one set of my curtains tonight and I can't wait to get home tomorrow to start sewing the other two panels. I love to create things, if only for the pleasure of knowing that I made something. There's something about being in my house alone that makes me realize all of it's/my potential. The more I wake up in my room, the more I can't wait to wake up in my room with new improvements.

I finally cleared my desk. I haven't sat at it, sewn at it, or typed at it since we moved in... That was January. Thank you for letting me borrow your chair Jess. I suppose now I officially need to buy/score (a high back vintage) one. I might be on a roll.

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