You are now entering a rant.

Sundays are made for laying in bed, ordering delivery and light cleaning. Though I will be doing none of that today, as I'm off to work soon- I am reconfiguring my "natural" scrolling to fit that of my newly acquired operating system. In contemplating writing about it, my mind sped down a path of paranoia.

I've delved back into the world of marketing, in sense. I've been catching up on academic books here and there, watching more television (which is one long commercial, really), being in public more... All of the things that expose us to advertising on a daily basis. It's not news that the general American public is spoon-fed most/all decisions they make, even the vive de resistance of Occupy, so that is not the point I'm trying to make. It's just that I've been scrolling through pages on the internet for years, and here I am learning that up is down and down is up because Apple says that it's "natural scrolling," and Apple is best and always right. Right?

I've stopped using the internet to voice my opinion about things because I watched a special on 60 Minutes about how the internet is trolling through every word we write and that's why ads are so well targeted on Facebook. I knew these things already. I know what cookies do, and lord knows I never delete mine, usually. This morning I found myself deleting my cookies, clearing my cache and history in hopes of tripping up the side-ads lacing my screens. I am trying to trick the internet! What is going on in my brain? It didn't work, by the way; my sidebar-ads are still for home decor and shoes. Sidenote: When you go to clear your cookies it gives you a list of everything that has stored information in your computer. My favorite was from Bedwetters . com. I have never been to that site in my life.

Anyway time to sling some more plates, but that's where I've been... attempting to live my life without the internet knowing what I'm thinking all the time. Strange, this idea of having memories that are mine, "secret" pictures, private thoughts and eating food you'll never see pictures of. Harumph.

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