I've just returned from my all too brief trip to Rochester. In a way, I'm not sure what to say, or where to start.

Upon exiting the plane, I could already see the smoke coming out of my mouth. The chill was pleasing, as I knew what I was on my way to find. Seeing Alysse, curbside at the airport, was wonderful. There's always an undeniably genuine feeling of excitement when you're being picked up from the airport.

The time passed too quickly and I don't think I got to see enough of the city. We went to Java's, knocked the socks off of Blue Room for karaoke night, played a challenging game of Blokus at Lux, and hit a few vintage shops. At Utter Clutter I made some pretty sweet purchases:

- The sheet music for "We Are The World" Written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie.
- Gold hoop earrings, one of which has two foxes on it, the other having two bulls on it.

Today we finished up our day by paying Ms. Jeana Bonacci a visit at her work place, Tap and Mallet. It's one of Rochester's fancier bars where the beers are pricey: $5-6. I experienced fried pickles for the first time! They were awesomeness, but almost made me wonder why so many things are fried. They sell beer to go at T&M, so I had Jeana seal my bill (which she had penned cute messages all over) into one of the bottles. With my final souvenir in tow, I headed back to the airport- after trying to sabotage my flight plans numerous times.

I feel like I learned something important about people on my trip to the Rock. People in NYC are tremendously full of shit. Everyone is here to become successful at something... you know what- I'll spare you my riotous rant.

I will say this, there are some very special people hiding away in Rochester; I'm thrilled to have just spent some time with them. When we went to Historical House Parts today, I purchased a skeleton key with a heart shaped hole. When I talked about my fascination with them, the saleswoman said,

"There's just something romantic about skeleton keys. It's as though when you use one, you're unlocking something magical."

The two drunk men in the seats in front of me, and the flight attendant who played coy with them instantly reminded me of what town I was headed back to and what door was closing behind me.

I'll be back.


  1. the best part is it that they're all dreaming of coming here, whereas we're all dreaming of running away

  2. come back. now! this city needs some more fabulous.