that skyline is a joke without you.

I woke up around 12 PM today, which was later than I wanted to wake up, but earlier than I expected to actually do it. I laid in bed for quite some time, tinkering with blogs / watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, before I actually got up. Having these unbreakable plans with James was the motivation I needed to get moving. Before I could complete the tasks at hand, James alerted me that the Keith Haring exhibit that we were planning on seeing at the LIC Deitch Projects was not on view until Thursday. I don't know if that broke our plans to meet, but I didn't hear from him again-

Eh. No biggie- I had an errand or two to run anyway. When I felt myself being dragged back into the internet, I forced myself up and out the door. I rushed to Court Street in an attempt to get in and out of my bank before the sunset; I wanted to watch it at the Promenade. I arrived just on time to watch the oranges and purples of the skyline illuminate the Statue of Liberty. I looked at the skyline and recalled how I've always thought the buildings looked rather 1-dimensional at certain angles. At the time, I was standing in that certain spot.

I'd forgotten how much I love standing beneath the Manhattan Bridge. I've always liked feeling overwhelmed, small, and wondrous- (Hmm, reflected in my relationships? eek.) Witnessing the black waves of the ocean was calming. They moved like black satin curtains hiding the most seductive secrets within their folds. I began to understand why people jump over the barricades, on occasions of delusional desire.

oh, camera phone:

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  1. i like to pretend that the second to last sentence of your final stanza is talking about burkas or is the break-down spoken word section of a barry white song.