it's all gonna end, gonna take all the honey, hunny

A few things, at 6:20 A.M.

I finally watched Donnie Darko last night, my 13th attempt at viewing the movie. It was long, fast then slow, full of interesting theories and lines... but I don't think I need to watch it again... Except for the sparkle magic scene.

I have an urge to hang out with people I don't know really well, to make new friends, and explore the city with this summer. Feel free to sign up in the comments section of this unread blog.

I am going to view some art today. Maybe MoMA? Maybe somewhere completely free like galleries in Chelsea? Or MAYBE, just maybe, I'll go see the Vanessa Beacroft show I was in because I think today is the last day... or maybe that was the 15th. Oops.

I got a new job at this restaurant called Mojito's, the day after getting laid off. I like to turn my life around quickly. It is small and family owned, and in walking distance to my current house. I'm hoping that I can make decent money there. In related news- I can't afford to move anymore. But I'm allowing myself to be okay with that. I'm going to haul my belonging to a storage unit for a month and save money while sleeping on couches all over the city. I hope you are all ready for my crashfest. I would like you all to take a moment to remember that one time (or possibly that one month) that my roommates and I allowed you to live on my couch.. Exactly.

Does coffee on an empty stomach give you ulcers? I hate breakfast, but I love me some empty stomach caffeine jolts.

and on that note, I will finish up this cup, put on some clothes and wander.
Good morning Bushwick.

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