bike ridez

My house -> McCarren Park
There I notice someone who looks like Charles, a fellow that I met at drink and draw last week. He and his friend Drew (a girl) kidnapped me (the nude model) and we went to Billy's house. I flag Charles down. As he approaches I notice Miles walking right behind him. Conversation ensues. I agree to have a drink at Miles' bar later in the night. I go for a bike ride / walk with Charles.

MC Park -> Greenpoint
I make the correct right turn and find Brian South sitting in front of Pencil Factory with Nick and their friend Ashley. I stop to chat. They discuss drinking more tequila and then taking the ferry. I tell them of how I wish I could join their adventures, but I am on one of my own, that involves my bike.

Greenpoint -> Waterside park on N. 4th
Charles and I decide to sit by the water for a bit. I don't bump into anyone here, but I do receive a text message from Evan. I decide that I will visit her at her new-ish apartment.

Waterside Park -> Breane's Store on Havemayer
I realize that Lara might be at work, so I stop by her job. I peak in and she squeals in the way that she does. I park the bike and we have girl-talk, about boys. I suppose that was a redundant statement. I walk her home.

Lara's -> Evan's
Evan finally texts me her address and I ride over. She has a really cute one room apartment. Iggy has just gotten a haircut and looks ever-so-cute. He pounces on me, but I don't mind so much. We have a beer. I tell her my life is in shambles. I agree to join her on lesbian dance party adventures later tonight.

Evan's -> Home
Change of clothes, change of plans. I'm not going to the Pratt senior show as I had thought this morning. Instead I will go see humans being drunk, and watch them as they become living art.

If you add wrong turns, and a few detours, it looked something like this:

My legs feel like jello pudding.

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