from a distance.

As I sit here, noticing the way sunflower seeds have sliced my tongue open, like tiny machetes, I also realize that this is the last time I will write anything, at this desk.

The school-desk, which I acquired on a drunken walk home months ago, will be picked up later this evening by a nice girl named Tara. I'm getting rid of the desk, as well as 5 bags of clothing, as a part of my purging for my move.

Where am I going, you ask?

First I will move my winter belongings, decorations, and artwork to my mother's house. The things that I need to make it through the summer are coming with me to Taylor's apartment for May. Then I get to take myself and my suitcase to Los Angeles for a little while, as I figure my situation out.

I'm calling it an extended vacation.

I'm going to keep packing but just so you know- I between me beginning this entry and now a man has come to pick up my school-desk. It's for his 4 year old daughter. I hope that she doesn't resent it because it makes home more like school. I hope that she appreciates her father taking the time to come and get it for her so that she has somewhere to study and do her homework at night.

These kids these day. Don't know what they got...

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  1. How long is "extended" and where/who are you living