cop it.

Tonight, Taylor and I hung out with her neighbor Terris. He had these sweet kicks by Visvim. I took a shitty cell phone picture:

This are the most comfortable moccasin sneaker hybrid thing you will ever put onto your feets.

Then I found other things by this company that I want.

This is a Visvim, KAWS collaboration on a Chum doll. It is selling for $550 on ebay.

These are more examples of their Moc hybrids:

The ones that Terris has are having no justice served to them in that image. They are traditional Moc color with a little bit of embroidery on the upper. Because he's worn them countless times, the soles are squished down a bit, making them look a little less nerdy than the ones in the image above do. Long story short, we wear the same size shoes, so he better watch his shiz.


  1. these are v fly

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  2. i thought of you first when i saw these.