Somethings are better in person

Today was extremely long and full of adventures. Here's a rundown of today's topics:

- Cattle call casting for work as an extra.
- A walk from 34th Street to SoHo, where I encountered a Sable(toothtiger).
- Visits to Kid Robot, A Bathing Ape, Abstract (my highlight store for the day), and Future Friends' Design studio.
- Wrapping it all up with a fucking phenomenal show with Dead River Company

Let's begin.

Sometimes you read things on Craig's List that you absolutely know are complete scams. You do not hit reply, you do not call that number. This was not one of those times. I woke up nice and early to get ready for a trip to WTM Casting agency in Midtown (mistake 1?). I entered a room the size of a hallway, where 6 other hopefuls awaited. I slumped into my chair, and after filling out the abitrary paperwork, I worked on new characters for future crafting projects. I listened to non-professional-anythings "network" with each other and exchange contact information about projects that I'm sure will never be followed through.

Allow me to paint the picture: On my left there was a row of 7 chairs, on the wall across from that, three posters that I'm sure WTM hung to serve as a method of assuring hopefuls that they too could work on sets such as A Guy Thing, White Oleander, I-Spy, and Goodfellas. That's right. Goodfellas. The door at the otherside of the room lead people into it, a depth from which they never returned.

Upon entering this room, I met Brad. He was a fast talking Italian that immediately told me that I liked what he saw. Maybe he was matte-finish leggings and the capelette? I'll never truly know- but in order to see the "true me" he asked that I removed my jacket. I guess the true me was really just beneath that layer of spandex that my body was covered in. When I refused his "irresistible offer" of $99 for headshots on the spot, I was given a card and ushered out of the backdoor as he shouted, "Next!" to the following foreigner in mind.

On my mind at that point was Sable, whom I thought may have once gone through this very same situation (a notion that I later found to be false). I wandered my way downtown to find her standing amidst a sea of t-shirts and toys at her undisclosed location of employment. After 15 minutes I asked her out on a long overdue date. She got off at 6 and with an hour to kill, I thought I'd go make some friends around town.

A Bathing Ape
I visited BAPE for the first time today, as I actually am not into most of their products. All over prints don't do it for me and this Summer '09 sneaker collection is just way too flashy for my taste (at least what they have in the store). My intention was to find out where the Invisible Man store was located as I could not remember at the time. I met a dude named Brian there, and we discussed the appeal of BAPE sneakers. Here's my stance: Why go with a company like BAPE that makes super flashy "homage paying" (read: rip-offs) versions of Nike's and Adidas', when you can go for the classic versions? But on the other hand, I do understand wanting to explore new, innovative styles of old favorites... BAPE is just not for me. Most of the dudes in the store were wearing pieces from last fall (or for one employee 2 years ago), which were a lot less cartoony / flamboyant.

After attempting to finish this entry for 1.5 days now, I am going to end it here and continue on tomorrow. I'm going to do that thing, where I... go outside.

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