The beauty of not having a job (and an unlimited metrocard) is that I can wake up everyday and embark on some adventure that I once did not have the time for. After a chance encounter with Mandy's sister, Meredith and a slumber party on the roof, I woke up refreshed and ready for the artwork. Here is my day in photographs.

Meredith, at the scene of our slumber party.

Robert Indiana, "Hope" 2008.

Taylor and I came across a really small painting of a gourd at a gallery earlier in the day, and then found this installation of huge ones further down the street. Neither of us can remember who the artist is, or where we saw the first one, but these things were amazing. They are in this open space on 24th Street. You can not enter the room, which is a huge minus.

These next few pieces are by Liao Yibai, a Chinese sculptor, by way of Beijing. His exhibit, Imaginary Enemy is up at the Mike Weiss Gallery on West 24th Street. I highly recommend checking it out if you enjoy commentary pieces on the American consumption-culture. These are some highlights:

"Cash Fighting" 2009

"Cash Fighting" detail

"Fighting Shadow" 2009.

"Chairman's Map" 2009.

"Chairman's Map" (New York detail) 2009.

"Chairman's Map" (California detail) 2009.

These are random shots I took throughout the day of things I found aesthetically pleasing.

Accidental Beauty

Now, you can see why she's so upset.

The scene outside of AA on spring. Eek.

KNOX staying up.


Taken through the cracks of a construction site.

We also viewed Take Care of Yourself by Sophie Calle (currently on view at the Paula Copper Gallery)- a multi-media exhibit in which Calle ask 107 women to interpret a letter written to her by an ex-lover. The exhibit includes video, photographs, and prints. Another one of my favorites was Black and White in America by Leonard Freed, a collection of photos taken spanning from the late '50s through the '60s focusing on the struggle of the civil rights movement.

I'll tell you about my stops at ClassicKicks, Dave's Quality Meats, Rogan and other nifty stores tomorrow.

P.S. I am designing a sketchbook that is going to blow your fucking mind.


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