sweet sailing.

During my junior year of college, I went through a phase of hanging around the Westchester, and ogling expensive WASP-y wears. This was around the time that I purchased a pair of standard Sperry Topsiders. My color of choice was a beautiful tone of yellow, like honey mustard from Wendy's. I wore them once, and decided they just we're for me. I gave the seemingly outlandish shoes to Alaina, but once I saw them after her visit into the woods... I realized those jaundicey delights should have remained on my feet from day one.

These babies are by Shoo, a Danish company and I want them on my feets:

Those are a bonafide upgrade. This is the mid- option; I would prefer the low-tops. mMm.

This blog is becoming about things I can't have, isn't it?

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  1. The way you write about shoes is like the way I covet desserts. Mmm.