Cover letter #5 House Productions and Casting.

I am quite tired of telling people who I am.


My name is Atiya Jones and I have an insatiable desire to explore fresh paths in life. Like House Production and Casting, I am a recent transplant to L.A. from New York City. I arrived, barely one week ago, with two bags of luggage and confidence; I am building a life here, from the ground up. I graduated from Purchase College, SUNY, with a Bachelors Degree in Media & Communication. While pursing my degree, I held positions as the Assistant to Project Managers at a creative services agency: Virtue (a subsidiary of VICE magazine); an office assistant- later to be promoted to office manager; as well as maintained employment with retail stores, specializing in personalized customer services. Post-college I managed a staff of over 30 associates with Free People, as a Sales Manager. I fully encompass the word “multitask” and organization is my forte. Outside of work, I am an artist (drawing, photography and writing) and art enthusiast. I make as much time as I can to peruse galleries, see movies and create new work. I enjoy a fast-paced work environment and believe that one should never have idle-hands.

I have opened three different major retail stores, as an associate and sales manager. Each time, the experience, though always entirely separate, left me with the same thought: It simply is rewarding. Watching a space- an idea- a company- grow into fruition and firmly plant its feet on the ground, will always be a passion of mine. I hope that you allow me to join your staff, at the beginning stages of House Productions’ newest endeavor in Los Angeles.

I would like to thank you for your time, and greatly look forward to speaking with you about this role.

All the best,

Atiya Jones
Seriously. I need your help, friends. Evaluations are appreciated :)

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