desert. horse. no name.

I came to Los Angeles with 3 bags and $100.

I broke that $100 bill today at CVS on my first walk through the city, alone. Because I don't have any money, I figure I should track how I'm spending it. I forgot my flatiron back at Taylor's, so I needed to purchase some hair-doing goods. A brush, conditioner, face wash and the very necessary completely unnecessary nail polish (in Time Sq. Tangerine) came to a whopping $17.44. I winced when the fellow named "Mr. David" asked for my money.

Unlike what Mtv projects, THIS is the real world. I guess I'm about to see what happens when people stop acting nice... oh no wait. Real World LA (that's prettttttty much an oxymoron) must be when people stop acting cold hearted and mean like in NY and nice all the time. To practice, I've been saying hello to strangers. Note: they like this behavior.

I'm going to shower now. Then I'm going outside. Maybe I'll get on a bus. Maybe I'll just walk to Fairfax. At night, I can still wear my boots. Like R. Kelly and Jay-Z collaborations: it is the best of both worlds.

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