It's 11:33 here is West Hollywood. I've become a cat lady. Terry is gone for a week and I have been left in charge of the apartment and the 3 cats. I went out last night, and ached to get back home to play with them; naturally they are the only ones I that I trust here. Here are three of my favorite photos from last night:

The night progressed so slowly... but then the gays got wild.


Some call RuPaul's "Supermodel" a song. I call it scissor inspiration.

There are others... that I won't post on the internet :)

A hot mess and his friend approached a friend and I to ask for a smoke... Earlier in the night I'd commented on Hot Mess: If someone told me that was Boy George, I would completely believe them. Friend introduced his companion as soon as he approached us "This is James St. James." Ha. He was sizzling.

I spent roughly $7.85 yesterday. Here's how:

$3 @ Little Joy, my fave dive bar in Echo Park
$3 @ Shits and Giggles on a bottle of water. After all the bra-go-go dancing, I was parched.
$1.85 @ Burger King on a Junior Whopper.

oh I forgot the $1.25 for the bus ride downtown.

I made a large amount of penne pasta with pesto and broccoli sauteed in EVOO, garlic and onion. It was enough for 3 people, as was the bottle of wine. I didn't finish the meal but...

Also, I walked through a scene of Entourage and was 6 inches away from Adrienne Grenier. I wanted, for those 6 seconds, to be discovered. This town does things to you-

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  1. Ooh I saw Adrienne Grenier at Choice deli one morning. It was a good morning