fat chance.

Yesterday, was a bit gloomy. I don't handle cloudiness well- especially not in a city where, I hear, they are not supposed to exist. As I made my way to Barney's Beanery down the street, to attend an open-hire session, I found this photo opp. It was really quite beautiful in person, but unfortunately I could not frame the mirror the way I wanted to, with out having that awful Toyota aggressively placed in the image as well.

This is what my bed looks like almost every morning. Last night I had to kick her out of the room because she was sleeping right next to my face. Every time I moved her, she came right back up. I think I have to teach her to sleep alone.


Let's have a chat about today. After yesterday's breakdown and my near acceptance of an offer to move to San Francisco on Sunday, I decided that I needed to "bounce back" and approach the day with the attitude I originally had about LA (that wonderful, new exciting things would happen to me). I rode the #10 Bus all the way downtown- I'd overshot my Echo Park / Silverlake mark a bit and needed to backtrack a little. I walked around the neighborhood for quite sometime, but once I realized that "historical downtown" was uber boring I stopped and asked some coppers for directions.

Because no one knows how to use the bus lines here except for ethnic people from downtown, homeless people and European tourists, the cops had no idea how I could get to the #704 bus. They, instead, offered me a ride.

And that is how I scored my first (and only) ride in the back of a cop car. The driving officer talked about how much he loved NY the entire time, and told me that he couldn't imagine why anyone would ever move to LA. With an attitude like that, I can't either. Geeze, have a little hometown pride. I didn't want to take any obvious pictures, but here's the one I snagged.

When they told me that they were in fact, on duty, I asked about what would happen if they received a call while they were chaperoning me to Echo Park. They said that they would drop me off- THEN go handle it. (?!?!??) Sense of urgency... anyone?

They drove me down to Echo Park, where I planted myself in the Short Stop bar on W. Sunset. Upon exiting the car, some girl shouted, "Nice ride!" at me. I'm still not sure if she was being smug or sarcastically genuine, but she has no idea what a nice ride it actually was. There was a Dodger's game tonight, and the Short Stop, being the bar closest to the stadium, becomes pretty packed with fans. When a patron approached the bar with 4 extra tickets, 2 were handed to me, and that is how I scored my seats at the Dodger's game:

I met a guy at the S², who offered me a ride with him and his buddies to the game, saving me a walk up an really steep hill. I later learned that he and his friends were DAs. I guess it was just a good day for me and law enforcement.

It was pretty great. I found myself caring about the game a bit and shouting things. I left after a few innings because I'd not prepared to be out so late and did not pack a jacket. Today completely negated the 4 days I spent without human interaction. People told me to get used to that sort of thing here, to which I replied by spitting in their proverbial eyes.


  1. Here's a funny story... and I'll try to be very brief.

    Good friend of mine from back home moved out to LA about a year ago to pursue his dreams in filmmaking. Along with 10,000 other aspiring filmmakers that year.

    Atiya Jones shares some photos with me from a trip to LA, and states "yeah, kids in LA look just like kids in Brooklyn."

    Catch-up phone call with friend - I briefly mention "how's Brooklyn... Not bad I suppose. You know, I heard kids in LA look just like kids in Brooklyn." Passing statement at best.

    Months later, another catch-up call. "Remember how you said something about kids in LA and Brooklyn? Well, now I know what you're talking about. I walked through this place called Echo Park."

    Weeks later, Atiya Jones shuffles her way to Echo Park.

  2. lol. it's not lack of human interaction - it's lack of interacting with human beings who have common sense and a brain! :P