i wanna ru n away i wa nt to b r in g you two

Last night / today I was in a music video for LA based band HEALTH. From 6:30 P.M. yesterday evening, until 6:30 this morning I was on an awesome set doing great things like writhing in fake blood with a large group of other people. It ruled. I'm going to be famous (just kidding, I looked like hell the entire time). I can't show you any pictures of the sheer greatness, but here is one of the subtle greatness.

I have bruised and swollen knees from the running and body piling; the dried fake-blood is cracking on my back and continues to drip down my neck from my hair (which was washed in a bucket outside to avoid dripping party blood residue all over the ancient-Chinese artifact furniture store in which we were filming). I also finally chatted up that drummer I am so fond of.

All in all, it was a night well spent. Now I at 7:21 A.M. I am left with a few questions...

After looking at a face mask product on my bathroom counter, labeled with marketing inviting it's user to "Feel [their] Face Pulsate," I wonder- Is that what I want? To feel my face pulsate??

Secondly, if you stay up all night, ...nevermind.

This was just a nice picture:

I guess... I'll sleep or something now.



  1. Fun! I hope you made awesome frands on the shoot. Otherwise writhing and body-piling could get pretty awkward.

  2. i know! pulsate! who wants that??!
    i'm really happy you went<3