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This morning I woke up with spirit that must be the equivalent of arising on the right side of the bed must be. Terry sent me things to work on, so I didn't feel useless. Before I went to sleep last night I listened to both Panic! at the Disco albums and had an embarrassingly good time.

Guess what. I still like pop-rock. Sometimes, I even appreciate the color pink, like the new sparkly pink shoes I got last week. I'm letting all of the secrets loose.

Here's what I listened to, today:

Joe Cocker 20th Century Masters (compilation)
Phoenix Wolfgang Amedeus
Peter Frampton Frampton
The Polyphonic Spree The Fragile Army
Hellogoodbye Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!
Head Automatica Decadence
Fall Out Boy From Under the Cork Tree & Take This To Your Grave
The Ataris So Long Astoria
Panic! At The Disco Pretty. Odd.

This song really really makes me want to skip in a poodle skirt in some sort of choreographed musical number.

Panic! at the Disco When the Day Met the Night


Tonight most of my friends will be enjoying the sounds of ManMan for free somewhere in the city (River2River?), whilst I shall create images of ultimate summer fun from the left coast.

P.S. Here are two of the best (summer) songs ever.


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  1. how do you post music like dat?!?!??! omg learn me plz