the way you in tertwi ne i s be yond measu re.

I left my sketchbook at Kim's house weeks ago. I've really been dying without it, but I have to learn to live without the things I use as crutches right? If I had I would've put this thought about "red, white and binary" a painting about American youth culture and the internet that just popped up in my head, inside of it.

Also, who knew Natalie Imbruglia made decent music? Too bad she was destroyed by the pop machines. Thank you Pandora, for you have been owning my shiz lately.

I'm about to erase myself and be reborn.


In the morning:
.find Wax Tailor.


cracker, after a bath.

angels on my bed.

nights look like this.

a lot of this is lie.

[i forgot that the pictures load in opposite order of their upload. i will not correct these photo captions, they somehow work out just fine.]

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