windows to my soul

I tend to have at least ten tabs open at any given time. Currently they are:

- 4 Craig's List job listings that I will probably never get around to applying for.
- Wooster Collective
- Maui & Sons
- Street Carnage Boners
- Gunshow Comics
- Dickbutt
- Brian Setzer Orchestra's Tour dates
- YouTube for the "Good Hair" trailer

I was going to move back to NY then my friend asked me to help him with costumes for his short film. I'm also going to intern for IMBOYCRAZY.com Living the dream.

UGH it is so hot.

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  1. ohhh i saw the trailer for Good Hair during The September Issue's previews and it looks like a good film. i don't know what Dickbutt is, nor do i know how to search for it.