As of this upcoming Sunday, I can say that I've lived in Los Angeles for four months. Roughly 120 days have passed since I've seen most of my closest friends and my family. I'll be home in 4 days, riding the subway (and my bike!!) again, and though I'm pumped about it- I'm really happy that it's just a vacation.

You see, turns out that blind date I went on has got this little ball in my head rolling. It was pleasurable night out, but don't get me wrong, Prince Charming is not the reason I already can't get back to LA... Actually, I finally feel motivated. Moments ago, I went over the reasons why any budding relationship wouldn't work out. To be honest, my life is really unimpressive. I live with my best-friend's parents, for free. You know what else starts with free? Freeloader. Frankly, all I have under my belt is that I moved across the country on a whim. Big whoop. If you had no sense, you'd do it too.

But it just happened. I just had the big daydream: I have to get my own place. I need to pay rent again. I need to go grocery shopping (with my own money) again. A queen size bed. Beer in my fridge. Walls to fill with art. A cluttered sink, all of my own. I've never been good at needing anybody else. Dependence is depressing.

NY see you soon, but after that, this vacation is over. Los Angeles, I think I live here now. Just the thought put me in a good mood.



  1. wow, four months. that's nice that your friend's parents let you stay with them for free! and you have a boyfriend cat that doesn't mind you going on dates with human boys. LA sounds magical...

  2. B.F.C. is very comfortable with where we are and has no complaints. He's also open to new ideas.