preparation H (it's in the bag).

This was originally penned, on actual paper on 12.15.2009 I'm never in front of my computer anymore these days.

As I prepare to spontaneously spend another night, on yet another friend's couch, I am gracious of my where-with-all to always be prepared for a slumber party... Well at least what I consider mildly prepared with this in mind I took a peak into my "party purse" (a freshly formed nickname).

The first item I spied is a pack of false eyelashes -individuals, not the strips. These are for my natural-everyday look. I save the strips for my weekend tranny extravaganzas. Second, I began to notice my plethora of hair products, my favorite of which being Wen's cleansing conditioner. This three-in-one is a life saver. As someone with hair is rather different from most of my friends' I am oft disappointed in foreign showers laden with Garnier products, only to leave the tub to find my strands' worst enemy, the blow-dryer as my only option. Having my cleansing conditioner, which also triples as a leave-in, is a must. Most recently, I also nabbed the matching volumizing finishing spray from my mother's private stock.
*other purse hair products include a container of bobby pins, aveda control paste, and mega must, shea butter smoothing serum.

The next, most important, never leave home without it item is my toothbrush. I keep one in my makeup bag, one in my purse and one at whatever house I predict I will be returning to next. (This time it is my mother's. In the past is has mainly been Jessica's.)


I don't know when the next time I might be locked out of somewhere may be, but I certainly do know that I do spend anywhere upwards of 2 hours a day on the subway, bus or walking. In that time (approx. 220 hrs a year, at an average of 5 days a week.) I must be thoroughly entertained. Besides my (dying) ipod, which is only playing in one headphone these days (unless i jiggle the wire), I have been toting around Chelsea Handler's My Horizontal Life as well as the latest copy of Antenna magazine. The latter, and well the former also, have proven to be chocked full of useful knowledge. I highly recommend both.

Usually, I have some sort of spare shirt and underwear, but as I look at my skevies drying on a doorknob, I encourage you to learn how to hand-wash your clothes, embrace Febreze, pack light and sleep tight.


I've since added some Tom's Apricot deodorant. That shit is scrumptious.

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  1. "I save the strips for my weekend tranny extravaganzas." Oh I needs to get me some of thems. Weekend tranny extravaganzas, I mean.