mia's big foot-popping kiss.

I've been trying to figure out what I'm supposed to write about for weeks now.

But here are a few things:

- My least favorite question, so far, has been "So. How does it feel to be back?"
- My family is amazing. I just never tell them so. The word have always felt too weak.
- After convincing my nephew that her name was not "Jeffrey," Jess hung out with me for a bit at my sister's house. She told me that she'd finally invested in an air mattress... So that I can come and stay at her house whenever I need to. That's love. That's why I came home.
- Taking the train is so great. I really took it for granted.
- My nephew Brandon is my new favorite person. I now understand the appeal of children and dogs. They are still in the same category, though. That's the second step I guess... separating the two.

This happened to me:

I got warm, dizzy, and felt completely euphoric. That's also an accurate description of being on drugs. Now I have a cold. THAT's what I get for believing in crushes.


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