where is my adult/child support?

I moved back home just about three months ago. I spent the first month and a half dealing with Christmas stuff, catching up with some bills, and hanging with my family. Now that I've completely settled back into life in New York, it's time to face the music. I have an unfurnished bedroom and I need to do something about it. I've been window shopping on Ikea and Sleepy's, in an attempt to find my "perfect mattress match." In a matter of days (or weeks) I will lay down on a bed in public, for the first time, and make a subsequent purchase.

Things I would do with money if i had it right now:

Buy a bed.
Buy shelves.
Buy a full length mirror.
Buy a bookcase to store my boxes of journals on.
Buy my mom a new wardrobe. She's been wearing a scrunchie in public and I can not let her slip down the mom-ward spiral this way.
Go camping.
Learn to ski.
Buy skiing attire, be a snow bunny in the cabin and not ski at all.
Buy a lot of film. A LOT of film.
Buy new sneakers.
Buy a pair of TOMS so that a child could also benefit from my over consumption of clothing and apparel.

I don't have very much money, but I did just buy a new pair of sexy time boots:

And when I get paid next week, I'm buying a ticket to Miami for a weekend getaway because not paying rent is a sweet sweet existence.

I said it once today, and I'll say it once again: Call someone you love, and tell them so. I finally know how to and it's fantastic. I urge you to try it out.

say it if you mean it.


  1. Welcome back to NY. Remember Sleepy's price guarantee - 20% off any comparable mattress or its your free. I'd be happy to help you with a purchase. You can email me at Tmayberry@sleepys.com and I'll be happy to help you shop from home.