windows 93

When I get to the point of having more than ten tabs open in one window, I like to do a small inventory of what they are.

Ikea Bookcases
Third and Delaware A Roseanne based fashion blog.
Facebook (which is always opened, grr.)
Last.fm User: ohjoneses if you want to know what I'm listening to
Sex Avec Dulce A blog written by Aileen Awesome who also writes for Street Carnage's Blog on occasion.
Sorry Mom (I bang the worst dudes). -A blog about just that.
Un-Legit somehow, I became "close" with this lassy on twitter. she's from LA and sometimes I even miss her. She recently updated with some photos that I really love.
OkCupid Quickmatch I'm really unsure of what the obsession people my age/social grouping have with this site. All of the dudes are busted and really... there is no need to meet people online. BUT the questions and tests are ├╝ber funzone. This started out as a joke...
Eyeglass Boy I'm helping a chap find some new frames and I'm thinking about stealing his idea to buy these, for myself. My current reading specs are way out of style.

And last but not least:
The Wiki page for author, Philip K. Dick's bibliography. He penned such sci-fi classics as A Scanner Darkly, and Counter-Clock World and wrote short stories that would go on to inspire the Hollywood hit Minority Report. (nerd alert!)

Now you're up to date on how I choose to spend my time on the internet. I hope that one of these things changes your opinion of me.

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