I almost just fell over on to my mom. THERE you are equilibrium-disorienting-hangover.

I've woken up everyday for the last 5 days singing "And so this is Christmas..." The holidays are over and for once in a really long time, I'm very happy that they happened. David pulled out the old video-camera last night and asked everyone what their most memorable part of 2009 was and what they are looking forward to in 2010. My response was as follows: The most memorable part of 2009 was moving to California and MOVING BACK. What I look forward to in 2010 is... getting my shit together.

It's the truth.

Here is something I want every prospective love interest/slumber party host to know about me:

If you decide to wake up and make my breakfast, I like my eggs scrambled together. Please I beg of you, do not bring a plate of over easy/runny eggs. I will pretend to be pleased, but you will know the truth. You will be disappointed in yourself for failing to make me happy and breakfast will be a failure. Omelets are the key to my heart. Omelets with a lot of things in them (spinach, mushrooms/olives, feta cheese and sundried tomatoes a.k.a. the Mediterranean being the ultimate) are the best.

Oh and before you go milking up my coffee, ask me how I want it. My preferences changes with my mood. Everything changes with my mood.