a general statement.

let's get serious here.

I woke up this morning to find that my boyfriend was newly listed as "single" on facebook. news. to. me. the reasoning behind this separation is a long story that i'm not going to divulge on this here blog, but in hindsight this is hilarious. I got broken up with on the internet!

i am completely unreliable. i think that might be the honest truth. i'm telling you this because i'll never tell you in real life. i'm the only person that can count on me; and even then, i let me down. but i'm not often disappointed in me; i know that i do things the way i should. i am the only one that can make the best decisions for me.

maybe i meant unpredictable.

i will not apologize to you, unless it is prompted.
i do not seek revenge.
i will not let you make me cry.
(unless you read my journal)
keep up with me.
i want to go out to to dinner 2-3 times a week.

to cure my moody blues, i got a new tattoo. i walked in a mascara-tear-blurred, bike-chain-grease-mess and left feeling like me again. it says "home" and maybe i'll tell you what it means when i feel like i've found mine.

until i fix me
i will consume

speaking of consumption, hello:

fuck it. we're young. let's spend money.

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