they're actually a fruit

as usual, i woke up and my blank walls drove me out of bed, in an attempt to do something /anything about their drab appearance. somewhere between the shower and getting dressed, i decided to take myself on a date. manicure. pedicure. a few rounds at a beautiful wine and cheese bar. toiletry shopping. home.

late in the night
i get these cravings.

i'm creeping through photos of a friend of a friend that one of my friend's was hooking up with (get all that?). she's beautiful. her hair hits her waistline and her bangs are never frizzy. she seems perpetually happy. she appreciates the atlantic ocean, in all of it's hypodermic glory. she's foreign. at some point i looked at her and thought that i wanted that- those things, those attributes, the recipe for a beautiful woman. then i saw them.

her heirloom tomatoes. forget all the nonsense about femininity and charm and beauty! one look at those tomatoes and it was all over. they looked so healthy, satisfying, unusual and delicious. just there, along side her eggs. their beauty an overshadowed, understatement on the plate; but i knew. the versatility! i thought of sauces and salads- i thought about salting one and just biting in... i want to be as beautiful as those heirloom tomatoes.

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  1. people still consider tomatoes vegetables. my favorite vegetable is corn. favorite fruit? ain't tomatoes, that's for sure. maybe mangos or pineapples. i'm not sure. ask me later.